Work Parmit

Need to work during your student travel? Lots of students plan to pay for travel with a job abroad -- it's a great way to immerse yourself in a culture and stash some bucks for your next trip leg.
If you will work for food in foreign climes, know that you'll need a work visa issued by the country in which you're working. If you're working abroad through one of many professional student work exchange programs, your work permit will be arranged for you. If you need to get a work visa on your own, you'll need to take the following steps.

What You Need
In many cases, you need a job offer in another country before that government will issue you a work visa. To get to that country and find a job, you'll need to do some travel planning and get a passport. You will also need a letter from your future employer eventually -- best if you get that letter before you leave home. It can help if you have a physical address in your destination country, too.


Work in Europe

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia            

Job Categories
Meat Processing and Packing also Production, warehouse, construction, auto parts, garments, Agriculture, etc. many vacancies available

Can Apply:
Nepali, Indian, BD, Sri Lankan

> Accommodation By the Company
> Food: self paid
> Overtime: provided by the company
> Transportation: free of Charges
> Medical: Free medical treatment
> Insurance: provided by the company
> Residence permits: provided by the Company
> Other terms and conditions: accordance with the own courtiers law

Need Documents

1. Passport Scan Copy
Include mother n father name n surname / mother birth surname

2. Education: (slc / 10th Pass minimum (No Education for Poland)

> Salary: 600 Euro-1000 Euro
> Age: 18-45 years
> Processing time: 90-120 working days
> (Work permit required to pay in Document Processing Time.)
> Work permit will come
> We will discuss. When will get Work Permit.
> Applicant must go to Near Embassy or VFS global or Consulate- (from can apply)
> Applicant Must Work in Companies minimum 3-6 in company
> After Normal government formality
> People Can Fly From Own Country


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